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A Full Stack Web Framework 

How To Navigate The "New" Normal


Due to the current global pandemic, the client Datadog, wanted to create a Single Page App (SPA) that would serve as an employee directory while incorporating aspects  of a social network to collaborate, connect, and maintain a community while its multi-national workforce is working from home.

Team Members

Simone Tobias, UX Designer

Jeremy Taubman, Developer

Mike Lopreto, UX Designer

Sinara Arliss, Developer

Research Methods

User Interviews

Persona Development

User Journey Map

Problem Statement

Competitive Analysis


Design Methods

Design Studio

Task Flow

Rapid Prototype

Imploring Empathy From Shared Experience 

While conducting the user interviews, our team realized we had a shared experience with our users like Derek.  Similarly, we were also working from home.  As a newly formed team, we were also faced with challenges associated with a new project coupled with navigating personalities and work styles of new colleagues.

Lead Image-Persona-JourneyMap-DesignStud

Walking Along The Same Path 

Through a journey map, we were able to follow along and examine our users' actions to have a better understanding of  their mindsets  and emotions.  It allowed us to see along the path where possible opportunities lie in addressing their pain points.

"Titles don't tell you a whole lot about what somebody actually does."


Derek recently joined Datatdog as Solutions Engineer. He enjoys working from home however he is frustrated when trying to connect with colleagues and feels removed from the work culture.

Lead Image-Persona-JourneyMap-DesignStud
Light Bulbs

How might we help Derek cultivate relationships with his colleagues and work effectively?


  • Team projects message board

  • Personalized company directory

Sizing Up The Competition

Prior to proposing any design solutions, we conducted a competitive analysis of existing apps in the market.   Paying close attention to the user experience, we determined what features should be included in the MVP keeping learnability in mind to ease the user into navigating around the new app.

Lead Image-Persona-JourneyMap-DesignStud

Designing Something  Familiarly New

Having done our 

Lead Image-Persona-JourneyMap-DesignStud

Making Changes That Matter

Based on the data from our interviews and the results of the usability testing, we implemented changes to sign-up process in order to enhance the primary breakpoint experience.  Additionally, we created a secondary breakpoint to enable the user to access the service on a mobile device.

Lead Image-Persona-JourneyMap-DesignStud

Next Steps

  • While users found the pop-up feature very useful for saving time on navigating the site, we can further improve differentiation between pop-ups on the site to make sure users know whether they signed up for a volunteer event, registered a new account, or orientation.

  • Consider adding a map feature to the site so users can know how far they are from the event.

  • Conduct further usability testing.

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