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SIMONE TOBIAS, Founder / Designer

Simone Tobias is Filipino-American entrepreneur-designer based in Brooklyn. Her eponymous Brazilian-inspired contemporary swimwear line was created out of her frustration when buying coordinated bikini sets from other swim brands, which often sell tops and bottoms in the same size — a formula not suited to every woman’s body and style. In developing her first collection, Tobias devoted her time sourcing local fabric mills and manufactures to ensure the delivery of a high-quality product that was 100% created and crafted in New York City. “I wanted to create a line that would marry fashion and exciting design with great technical functionality and fit: a brand in which women can find themselves season after season, tweaking and improving fits and adding fashion pieces, but remaining consistent.” Beyond being a swimwear brand: “I think of us having a responsibility to change the nature of finding swimwear,” she says. “It’s a more macro view of solving a problem I’ve perceived: finding a swimsuit that’s locally made, at a reasonable price, that doesn’t fall apart on you or degrade rapidly."