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Physiotherapy Native Mobile App

What We Wanted To Know


To research and discover how to replicate the clinic experience at home for individuals undergoing physiotherapy when executing their prescribed regimen.

Our Team Members

Simone Tobias

Jackie Ryder

Dwayne McFarlane

Joanna Choi

Our Research Methods

Screener Survey

User Interviews

Affinity Map

Persona & Problem Statement

User Journey Map

Competitive & Comparative Analysis

MoSCoW Map

Our Design Methods

Design Studio

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Usability Testing

High-Fidelity Prototype

Getting It Right At The Beginning

We conducted an initial screener survey to get a diverse pool of participants using a critical qualifying question to prospectives of having gone through or currently undergoing physiotherapy.

An Insight To Their Emotions And Mindsets

The conversations with users revealed how the experience between the clinic visit and at home impacted the progress of their physiotherapy.

Experiences with rehab was only effective  in the office.

Physical therapy at home was basically useless because I didn't really understand the exercises right.

I didn't know if I was progressing, or getting worse or staying the same.

Discovering And Defining Who They Are

Our research led us to our persona, Jean. She represents the results of our findings. Her pain points were shared amongst the other participants.  Her needs and goals are aligned with the data collected from the interviews.

Empathize With The Problem To Design The Right Solution

With the user's pain points in mind, we posed the question:

How might we provide Jean additional resources she needs to complete her at-home regimen successfully and track her progress? 

Putting The Pieces Together and Checking If They Fit

Taking our design ideas and moving them into the next level through a mid-fidelity prototype we were then able to conduct a usability testing in order to see if the features perform as intended

A Personal Solution To A Painful Situation


By creating personalized exercise videos, the  users would be able to easily follow their physiotherapy at home. The tracker on the home screen allows them to personally monitor their progress. The video chat enables them to contact their PT right away and have a more personal attention ensuring the continuity of care.

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Where We Go From Here

  • Conduct a second round of usability testing for the high-fidelity prototype

  • Edit the prototype based on feedback from usability testing

  • Build out connection with partner company

  • Hand off to developers

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