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urban leisure case study

Native Mobile App For Modern Communal Living 

What We Were Asked To Accomplish


To discover through research, development, and design, a seamless tenant-focused digital solution allowing Urban Leisure to enhance the coliving experience

Who We Were

Simone Tobias

Francisco Paulino

Dwayne McFarlane

Sally Huang

What We Used

Screener Survey

User Interviews

Affinity Map

Persona & Problem Statement

User Journey Map

Competitive & Comparative Analysis

Moscow Map

How We Created

Design Studio

Mid-Fidelity Wireframes

Usability Testing

High-Fidelity Prototype

Speaking To The Right Audience And  Documenting What They Shared

Through a screener survey we posed a crucial qualifying question in order to ascertain the need for a more in depth conversation

Have you ever lived in or considered living in a coliving community?

An Understanding Through Their Experiences And Stories

Our conversations with individuals whom currently or have lived in a communal living unveiled  some identifying insights about their goals, needs, and  painpoints which were invaluable in creating "I" statements. 

I want to know that my work requests to management has been received and addressed

I used various apps/platforms during my coliving experience

I would like to have private time and space for myself 

Giving A Face To Our Data

Personifying our research data guided us and the stakeholder to focus our designs and development in addressing the  individuals, like Parker, who are currently in a communal living environment.

Empathize With The Problem To Design The Right Solution

Individuals who are relocating to major cities are choosing coliving for the lease flexibility and a sense of community.


Parker like  recently moved to New York and is coliving in Brooklyn. He enjoys the social and building amenities, but gets frustrated when communicating his needs with management and his suitemates.

How might we help Parker improve the line of communication with management and suite mates within a coliving environment?

Opportunities We Captured And Took Actions On

Find a efficient way to communicate with management

Find a more effective way to communicate with others in the community

Create a trackable work ticket to communicate issues with management

Create a quick and  streamlined communication  with management

Create a central portal of communication for the user 

Create a shared calendar to communicate with other suite mates

Maintenance Screen

Message Screen

Home Screen

Calendar Screen

Bringing The Features Together and Assessing The Usability

Taking our design ideas and moving them to the next level through a mid-fidelity prototype to conduct a usability testing of the various features


Mid-Fidelity Prototype

A Communication Bridge In A Community

It was clear through our data that having a streamlined form of communication is crucial in enhancing the users' coliving experience.  By having a trackable work ticket, they are able to communicate their needs with management.  The shared calendar can be used to communicate with their suitemates.  Lastly, the community page allows them to engage with other  residents in the community.

Maintenance Screen

Message Screen

Home Screen

Calendar Screen

Keeping The Line Of Communications Clear

  • Conduct a second round of usability testing for the high-fidelity prototype

  • Edit the prototype based on feedback from usability testing

  • Hand off to developers

  • Introduce features to address the needs of the "prospective" tenants

  • Evaluate the current  UL website and explore possible integration with the app

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